Drive Thru Bike Helmet Giveaway 

Are your kids riding bikes for the first time or perhaps more than they ever have before?  A bike helmet is an important piece of safety equipment that can reduce the number of traumatic head injuries. Safe Kids Columbus will offer FREE bike helmets for kids!


Safe Kids Columbus will host a DRIVE-THRU Helmet giveaway for kids on Friday, June 5th from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown West Building.

This building is located on the corner of 19th Street and 5th Avenue and is directly across the street from the entrance to the John B Amos Cancer Center.


You will remain in your vehicle for the entire drive-thru event. Please do not exit your vehicle or walk up to the event site.  Child must be present in the vehicle to receive a free helmet.  A disposable paper measuring tape will be provided to measure your child’s head for proper helmet sizing. This event will practice social distancing and our volunteers will be wearing a mask and gloves. There will be no person to person contact during the event. Helmets will be placed in the trunk of your vehicle when possible.