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Riding your bike without a helmet is SCAREY! Get your child’s FREE Bike Helmet, while sizes and supplies last, at the Spooktacular event this year! At this Drive-thru event, the child must be present to receive a free helmet.

You can fill out the waiver before the event! See the button below labeled waiver. Print the waiver out, fill it out. and bring it with you the day of the event and say "BOO, I have my waiver already filled out" 

You can also measure your children's heads for the helmet before the event if you would like! See below on how to measure their head

How to Measure for a Proper Helmet Fit 

1.  Using a flexible measuring tape, begin measuring your child's head no more than 2 fingers above the eyebrow.  

2. Wrap the tape just above the ears and circling your child's head 

3. Record the total measurement number for each child and bring with you to the Spooktacular Event