Why a car seat safety class?


Learning how to use a new car seat is often the last step in preparing for the arrival of a new baby. Car seats often come with lengthy instructions that parents may not read or fully understand, causing many car seats to be used incorrectly.


In this Car Seat Safety Class you will receive personal hands-on safety instruction about car seat safety. This course will also help you understand how your child's seat is to be installed into your car. This course is a 1 hour training session, followed by 30 minutes of hands on installation practice. This course is taught by nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians from Safe Kids Columbus using current best practice recommendations and are there to help answer your questions or concerns. The best way to protect your new arrival in the car is to put him/her in the right seat, at the right time, and use it the right way!

The Car Seat Safety Class provides parents with an opportunity to focus on the proper use of car seats to keep their children safe. 

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Car Seat Safety Class

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