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Why a safe sleep class?



There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby, especially for parents who are often tired themselves.

By attending our virtual/interactive Safe Sleep Class, parents and caregivers can create a safe place for their baby to sleep and nap.


Fact: Unintentional suffocation is the leading cause of injury related death among children under 1 year old!

Our Safe Sleep Class is available to any parent or caregiver, eligible parents may qualify to receive a free pack and play after attending the 40 minute virtual course and completing the required surveys.


Safe Sleep Class
with Free Pack and Play
for ELIGIBLE Parents

Car Seat Class
with Low-Cost seat for ELIGIBLE Parents

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Why a car seat safety class?


Learning how to use a new car seat is often the last step in preparing to transport your child.  Car seats often come with lengthy instructions that parents may not read or fully understand, causing many car seats to be used incorrectly.


In this Car Seat Safety Class you will receive interactive, virtual safety instructions about car seat safety. This course will also help you understand how your child's seat is to be installed into your car. This course is a 1.5 hour training session, followed by a drive thru car seat pick-up with a visual installation demo that can be viewed from your car. We also offer YouTube video links and virtual car seat checks to assist with proper use and installation of your new car seat. This course is taught by nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians using current best practice recommendations and are there to help answer your questions or concerns. The best way to protect your child in the car is to put him/her in the right seat, in the right direction, and use it the right way!

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